Why should you use 1C:Enterprise for your business?

Businesses choose 1C:Enterprise because they have a strategic need within their organization, OR their current ERP system can’t support it. Perhaps you are acquiring sites and suppliers in new locations, or maybe you have an initiative to improve and automate your customer service and support operations? No matter what the initiative is, most ERP systems are not sufficient to handle your plans for innovation and growth. Because after all, to innovate and grow means that you need to operate more efficiently than the competition. Cookie-cutter processes hard-coded inside a one-size-fits-all ERP system (which require a great deal of money and resources to find workarounds or to customize) are not the ideal place to start.

1C:Enterprise is a next-generation platform for ERP software solutions for small to enterprise business that can be easily molded to fit the way you do business, protecting your competitive advantage and expanding with you as you grow. Unlike other ERP systems, the 1C:Enterprise platform is built on a genius architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set.

We believe that for a system to truly work the way you do, it needs more than a light feature set with basic configurations for turning fields, forms and processes “on” or “off.” 1C:Enterprise has the architecture, technologies, tools and standard feature set, you need to design an ERP system that is uniquely yours. Let’s analyze the top reasons companies choose 1C:Enterprise:

Design Your ERP With In-House IT

Even with limited IT resources, you can easily add fields, create forms, construct process workflows, write algorithms, and design reports that routinely require full-time application support or services engagements from your ERP vendor. Companies choose 1C:Enterprise because it delivers a platform with out-of-the-box-functionality accompanied by an unparalleled development environment that allows those with even basic technical knowledge to develop the system without risk, and quickly address business growth and change.

Deploy On-Premise or on the Cloud

1C:Enterprise can be deployed either on premise or on the cloud, with the ability to move from one to the other should your internal IT requirements change. Many companies choose to move to the cloud to achieve IT, infrastructure and hardware savings and other benefits. While other companies choose an on-premise system, whether it be based on the need for a LAN-based, system-to-system integration or to meet internal data security compliance objectives. Because 1C:Enterprise can be deployed either way, you can focus on more important ERP software selection criteria, like feature and fit.

Easily Integrate With Other Systems

1C:Enterprise’s wide integration mechanisms and service-oriented architecture gives it an inherent ability to easily integrate with any third-party front- or back-office system that’s already supporting your differentiated business model.

Easily Upgrade While Carrying Forward System Customizations

Everything that’s unique to you, from the simplest of fields to custom-developed apps, are kept isolated from the core system inside your site repository, allowing you to quickly take advantage of new features — without having to upgrade the ones you’ve already built. To calculate the total cost of ownership it is important to factor in not only the initial investment, but also the cost of future maintenance, support and upgrades. With 1C:Enterprise all these expenses will be lower.

Support for Growth and Expansion

1C:Enterprise gives you the freedom to support the complexity of your organization today and tomorrow, with it’s ability to support multiple databases across multiple business sites. Many companies who choose 1C:Enterprise are finding new ways to compete for their customers’ business, operating with complex processes in multiple market segments offering customized products and services. Right from the start, 1C:Enterprise delivers a data model capable of supporting global growing and changing businesses.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Does 1C:Enterprise sound like the right system for you?

One of the best ways to discover that 1C:Enterprise is the your best solution and can solve your biggest challenges is to take a test drive.

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