1C:Subsystems Library contains a set of universal functionality subsystems intended for use in applications based on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform. These subsystems offer general-purpose functionality, such as user management, data synchronization, contact information, application settings, and much more. Developers can add some or all of the library subsystems to their applications. Thus, 1C:Subsystems Library eliminates the need to write this functionality from ground up and assists in redirecting resources to implementing the key application features.

General features

The library is not a complete applied solution. Developers can add some or all of the library subsystems to configurations being developed.

1C:Subsystems Library 1C:Enterprise platform

All of the library subsystems fall into the following categories:

  • Subsystems that implement standalone functionality.
  • Subsystems that add functionality to configuration objects (deep integration).

The categories reflect the complexity of subsystem integration. Subsystems that fall into the first category are integrated by simply adding their functionality to the configuration. They are usually accessible from the configuration interface and do not require complex setup. These subsystems can include user interfaces and provide APIs for use in the configuration.

To include a subsystem that implies deep integration, after adding the subsystem functionality to your configuration, you have to define which configuration objects require this functionality. Then you have to specify some additional settings and also modify the object forms and modules.

In addition to the subsystems, the library includes standard solution development examples, such as an example of setting session parameters.

Legal notice

1C LLC is the owner of 1C:Subsystems Library, it is a free universal functionality subsystems library, is not intended for accounting purposes, is distributed “as is”, and can be used as a basis for development of your own applications on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. Using 1C:Subsystems Library implies that developers build it into their applications. This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and 1C Company provides support for this application at 1C:Developer Network forum. In order to use 1C:Subsystems Library or applications that are based of it, it is required to own or acquire valid licenses of 1C:Enterprise platform. To study 1C:Subsystems Library, you can run it on 1C:Enterprise (training version), keeping in mind the limitations of the training version.