Our Privacy Policy

Our web site uses both free and commercial tools, including but not limited to Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika, to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our website.

When you visit our site, a short text file called a cookie is downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information, such as your IP address, the URL you came from, the pages you view, the amount of time you spent on each page, or your browser/OS. This information is collected for traffic and behavior analysis only. The cookie file does not contain personal information, although our tools can sometimes extract demographic information from your IP address, including your geographic location, age, gender or company name.

By browsing our web site, you agree to allow our employees to monitor and assess your behavior on the site. Certain behaviors, such as the length of time spent on the site and/or the number of pages visited, may prompt our sales representative to try to contact you or someone at your company to see if you need more information about our products and services.

Depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/refuse cookies, and/or notify you before they are placed. Also, Google Plus members can specify what level of information is collected and sent to Google Analytics.

We do not sell, give, or trade the statistics we store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. As mentioned previously, we use this information to improve the effectiveness of our web site, as well as understand our customers’ needs and identify active buyers in our target market.

In order to access some resources, our web site requires that you complete a form. These forms directly collect some personal information, including your name, phone number and/or email address. By filling out a form, you are agreeing to be contacted by our sales representative who will further investigate how he or she can help you learn more about our products and services, or the topic you are researching. You also are agreeing, based on the level of interest indicated by your behavior, to be added to our secure CRM database of contacts and companies. Contacts and companies in our CRM database may receive regular marketing communications and campaigns, primarily via email. We are the sole administrator of this information; we do not share, sell or give it to any third parties for further marketing purposes.

To be removed from our solicitations, you many unsubscribe from our email campaigns by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in the footer of any email. You may also contact us at any time to request that your contact information be marked as “Do Not Solicit” in our CRM database.