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Benefits for Business Owners
Cost Effective Ownership
20+ Years of Proven Success
Complete picture of
all business operations
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Benefits for CIO
Cross-platform Applied Solutions
Large Number
of Specialized Solutions
Powerful Platform for
All Business Processes
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Benefits for Your Employees
Intuitive interfaces
Easy Interface Customization
Powerful Reporting System
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Benefits for Developers
Open-source Applied Solutions
Business-oriented Programming
Single IDE for Desktop,
Cloud and Mobile Solutions


A Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform for creating or customizing business applications for small business, midmarket and enterprise clients.

1C:Enterprise features a rich library of programming objects that enables developers to create or modify business applications in days or weeks – not months. Whether your goal is to increase developer productivity, reuse existing application investments or get new applications to market faster, 1C:Enterprise delivers. 1C:Enterprise uses a metadata driven architecture, which enables multi-tenant applications as well as the creation of efficient, customizable, and scalable applications.

Benefits for Business owners

Cost Effective Ownership

CEO will appreciate the cost savings afforded by 1C:Enterprise, which can be tailored to fit your needs while protecting investment during implementation, deployment and maintenance.

20+ Years of Proven Success

More than 1 million companies use 1C:Enterprise Platform. 1C Company ranked by IDC as one of the Top 100 vendors of Worldwide Commercial Software.

Complete Picture of All Business Operations

By tying critical data from all parts of a company into one easy-to-understand database, business owners are able to quickly identify areas of strength, as well as spot looming problems before they reach a critical stage.

Benefits for Chief Information Officers

Cross-platform Applied Solutions

Works with embedded DBMS and most commercial databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle Database. Runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Mobile support for iOS and Android.

Large Number of Specialized Solutions

that extend the capabilities of the system on a single platform - ERP, CRM, CPM, ECM, MES, ITIL, MDM, WMS...

Powerful Platform for All Business Processes

no matter how simple or complex they are for small, medium and large companies.

Benefits for your Employees

Intuitive User Interfaces

Simple forms, same concept across all applications based on 1C:Enterprise. Easy to learn, easy to remember - for any solutions.

Easy Interface Customization

1C:Enterprise has many settings which you can change in UI. Hide and rearrange command and fields, add related properties. You can make work as efficient as possible!

Powerful Reporting System

Generating reports is fast and simple. Drill-down, grouping, sorting and filtering giving you full control of the reports output and appearance.

Benefits for Developers

Open-source Applied Solutions

Numerous ready to use solutions, code snippets and algorithms

Business-oriented Programming

significantly accelerates the development and dramatically improves the reliability of applied solutions.

Single IDE for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile Solutions

Single programming language for all types of applications - web, thin, thick and mobile clients. Embedded reporting engine and administration tools.


The practical effect of automation

Average data for the year 2016, according to published performance data for implemented 1C:Enterprise-based ERP solutions.
  • 7% reduction in costs of manufactured products
  • 22% stock optimization
  • 29% production volume growth
  • 13% labor productivity growth
  • 11% accounts receivable aging reduction
  • 26% sales order processing time reduction
  • 20% expense reduction
  • 13% profit growth

Saves time and money

Low ownership cost and significant economic benefits due to the growth of labor productivity and a rapid return on investment compared to world-known competitors:
  • 1.5–2 times faster implementation
  • Implementation only requires half the manpower
  • License prices are significantly more affordable
  • Project implementation cost 2–3 times lower than competing offers
  • Maintenance cost several times lower

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Does 1C:Enterprise sound like the right system for you?

One of the best ways to discover that 1C:Enterprise is the your best solution and can solve your biggest challenges is to take a test drive.

Let us know your business requirements, current bottlenecks, future plans and we will design a prototype and walk you through a free test drive.

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